A Runners Guide for How to Use a Dynamic Warm Up

A Runners Guide for How to Use a Dynamic Warm Up

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A dynamic warm up is CRITICAL to your running.

But let’s start with a little story to demonstrate why.

I have talked about trying to get in the warms ups I need to but sometimes I am just hurrying before Bailey wakes up or needs me for some interaction. And Steve is just lovely with his wonderful reminders.

Instead, I should be doing some kind of exercises before I go to prepare my body to run.

The motivation for anything outside of just running had disappeared and I was cocky confident that I didn’t need to do core (or anything else to warm up for that matter) to be successful in the marathon.

“Yeah, yeah, I will“…….(and we all know what that means)

When my hamstring started to flare up, we had a friend use ART to try to calm it down, and it worked (thanks Ron). He went on to lecture talk to me about how I should not just “go for a run” on cold muscles; a dynamic warm up is crucial to preparing the body to run.

“Yeah, yeah, I know, I know“……

A few weeks later, my hamstring was particularly sore one morning after a hard workout the day before. I tried to go on a run…..actually thats a lie; I tried to run around the yard as I knew it was really bad. I could not run, it hurt that bad. I went back into the house, crying to Steve. Giving me no sympathy, and after another lecture (this time well deserved) about how I am “not 20 anymore”, I knew it was time I had to start doing warm up drills every day.

Since that day, I have done these exercises before every single run, bar none, and I can honestly say my body feels better those first few miles. Not tiredness. If you are tired from a workout/long run the day before, you are gonna feel exhausted no matter what, but it definitely helps with stiffness, and just overall warming up.

Long story short, today I would like to share with you, the few minutes of drills that I use every single day before running. You may get a few crazy looks from neighbors, but if your neighbors are like mine, they have already seen you outside doing weird exercises, so this is nothing new.

Please hop on over to my YouTube Channel to see the full videos where I explain how to do each exercise. Hopefully they help your “not 20 anymore” bodies to feel better on your runs too.

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