Running at Night Tips

The sun has a relentless work ethic: rising—and setting—day after day. If you confine your running routine to the daytime, you limit your options. That’s especially true after the clocks turn back and daylight hours dwindle. It’s also true in the dog days of summer because daylight-only runners miss the coolest time to be out.

Beyond embracing long winter nights and avoiding sweltering summer days, some runners turn to running after dark to sync better with their work schedules or personal biorhythms.

Whatever your motivation, you should take a few precautions when running at night:

  • See and be seen: Headlamps, reflective clothing and safety lights are a must.
  • Be wary of traffic: Strive to make eye contact, but assume no driver sees you.
  • Plan your route: Check apps/sites; seek advice and pick well-populated routes.
  • Scout your route: Check it out in daylight to identify potential hazards.
  • Bring friends: Carry a few safety essentials and run with a partner.
Running at night isn’t for beginners, and it can be even more intimidating for those who have ever felt unsafe. Always exercise caution and only venture out at night if you feel comfortable and fully prepared.


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