Tracking Cadence, Heart Rate, and Pace While Running

While running, metrics like pace, cadence, and heart rate dynamically alter the way you do your training and improve your running capability. Utilizing them together or individually will help you ace your efficiency, pacing, economy, and form, helping you race and train in a more intelligent way.

Tracking Cadence

Cadence refers to the total number of steps a runner takes while running every minute. It is usually measured in terms of strides every minute.

You can calculate cadence from different devices like heart rate straps, pods, or arm swings in which advanced monitoring helps to pick up the fall and rise during running. As you see data, you are able to check what happens to the cadence in conditions like running fast, descending, or ascending.

Tracking Heart Rate

For calculating your heart rate, you need to minus your age in years from 220. For instance, your total heart rate will be 190 if you age 30 years. In either direction, your optimum heart rate may fluctuate between 15 to 20 beats per minute.

If one athlete sees a race file and checks the heart rate being higher than usual at the start of the race, maybe from poor pacing or heat effects, they are able to understand the reason behind the drop in the pace that comes in the race.

Tracking Pace

Pacing in a run helps in managing the total energy that you need to have during your run. If you are able to run fast in your warm-up, the overall heart rate will amplify; you may feel yourself getting out of your breath which may make you not able to finish your race. However, if the overall energy that you expend in different points in the run, you will become capable of conserving your energy. This will help you keep a consistent running pace throughout your race.

For calculating your pace, you can divide the running distance over the total time you took to complete the distance.

These are some metrics that can be calculated by the methods mentioned in this article.

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