5 Most Damaging Running Habits and How to Break Them

5 Most Damaging Running Habits and How to Break Them


1.More Bounce in Your Step

Posture is an essential component of running. It is generally advised that runners tilt slightly forward at the ankle to keep their feet closer to the ground when running, moving their legs in a forward trajectory instead of up and down.

Some runners end up leaning forward at the waist instead, worsening the problem and putting more bounce in their step. It will put more strain on bones and joints and probably cause pain and injury.


2.Tension in Shoulders and Neck

Surprisingly, a usual complaint from those who run often and/or go long distances is a pain in the neck and shoulders. 

The dilemma, as with bouncing, revolves around a proper running form. Most runners sway their arms as they run to boost momentum. However, it is a common mistake to swing the arms across the body instead of parallel to the sides of the trunk. This can direct to aches and pains in and of itself. If you pair it with unintentionally hunching your shoulders, the dilemma gets even worse and could result in tension headaches, pinched nerves, and other problems. Pay attention to your shoulders and make sure to relax them during your run.


3.Inadequate Rest

Your body needs healing time, particularly when you're pushing it hard physically, as when preparing for a race. Even if you're not overtraining, a failure to schedule in enough time for relaxation and healing could head to soreness, stiffness, and lack of stamina, and serious injury at worst.

Whether you're practicing or just trying to improve your distance and speed with daily runs, it's essential to create a plan that adds time for rest and recovery.


4.Improper Nourishment

Life, in general, requires you to give your body sufficient nourishment through balanced meals, plenty of fluids, and possibly supplements like daily vitamins. When you're exercising a lot your body will naturally require more or various nutrients to maintain functioning at peak levels.

Depending on your aims, you should raise the amount of protein in your diet (to build and repair muscles more promptly). Nevertheless, all runners should increase their carb intake, at least somewhat, to value the many calories they're burning off and increase energy before or after running.


6.Wrong Gear

The right running gear can make a huge difference, not only in how you perform but in how your body feels. Shoes are the most crucial part because the wrong ones can leave you with foot, ankle, knee, and hip pain.

You should also consider things that help to keep your body cool and dry, as well as extras like Body Glide, sunblock, and items designed to keep you comfortable and protect your skin while running.

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