5 Ways to Hold You Running

5 Ways to Hold You Running

1.Running mantra.

Choose a short motivational phrase that prepares you to run and keep quoting it to yourself.
Mantras are beneficial when you’re dealing with slight distress or facing a monster hill.
Always keep your running mantras positive. For instance, don’t tell yourself, “Don’t stop!” because your mind might focus on the word “stop” and tell your body to do just that. Instead say something like, “Keep it going!”

2. Count your steps.
Something as easy as counting can be an excellent distraction. Count how many times one foot taps the ground in a minute, then double that number to get your stride count. Do several stride counts during your run and see if you can develop your efficiency (the more strides, the better).

3. Talk positive.
Negative thoughts can become a self-fulfilling prediction. Once you begin showing yourself how bad you feel, it’s hard to break away from the feeling.
Change the conversation and dismiss negative thoughts. Even if you’re grieving, tell yourself things like, “I’m feeling amazing today.” You’ll ultimately start to accept it.

4. Plan your gift.
Think about that post-run juice, late-afternoon nap, or supper at a restaurant. No matter how you compensate yourself after a run, imagining it can push you through a hard point.

5. Play the “this could be worse” game.
When I’m having a rough distance, I think of things I could be doing that are way more annoying than running, like going to the doctor or scrubbing the bathroom.
I think about times when I wasn’t capable to run and how much I missed that feeling of my feet tapping the road. Before I know it, I realize how fortunate I am to be running and the pain or weariness anyhow sinks.

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