5K Training Tips

5K Training Tips

Don’t run too fast on “easy” runs: Don’t expect the miles to melt away, because an easy pace will often feel far too slow for a new runner. You might also struggle with it because you’re not moving fast enough to feel like you’re in “the zone.” If you keep chugging along at a pace where chitchat comes easy, then you’re doing fine.

Train by time, not distance: This is especially true for new runners because fixating on a distance can make it hard to maintain your correct training pace. It can also dishearten you if you’re simply not ready to run a longer distance yet. And there’s the practical argument, too: Most of us have busy schedules and need certainty about the amount of training time we’re setting aside.

Try to catch injuries early on: Trying to push through injury is a common mistake. The result is inevitably more damage and having to abandon training altogether until you’re completely healed.

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