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7 Phases To Be Mentally Prepared For Running A Marathon

Marathon running requires disciplined training. If you know all the phases that come in a marathon, you will be better able to prepare yourself for the training and ace it as it comes. Let's see what those phases are:

1.     Passion

At 0 to 5 km, you are high on adrenaline, and you feel like giving your all. Make sure to go steady and slow in this phase, so you don't run out of energy soon. Run at 75 to around 80% of your maximum pulse rate if you want to run for 4 hours, for example.

2.     Not Thinking About It

It is the phase up to around 15 km where you don't think about the effort that you pace. Don't pick up your pace here, as you would need your energy reserves later. It's wise not to suppress your thoughts regarding what's ahead.

3.     Panic Phase

This may come after the suppressing phase; you keep checking around to know at which speed you are running and see how much energy you need for the next kilometers to cover. Don't get anxious in this phase; stay steady.

4.     Wonder

Now that you don’t have any real idea about your speed or distance left, and you run out of energy, you begin to wonder why you’re running in the first place. Don’t give up just now and push it till you make it.

5.     The Low-Point

This is the last third of the game when you feel at your lowest points. This is the time most give up, but instead of giving it up totally, try taking some breaks where you walk instead of running to actually make it.

6.     Almost There

This is where positive thinking starts. By now, you only have around 5% of the distance left to cover. Your muscles may harden or get overheated, so it is best you take a pause and sip on some isotonic beverages to get some energy real quick.

7.     Did it!

Only a few kilometers are left, and you have a roller-coaster of emotions going on. Instead of getting overwhelmed, take a few deep breaths and reassure yourself that you can do this.

These are some phrases you need to know for marathon running so you can mentally prepare yourself for the game.

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