Best Beginner Running Techniques

Best Beginner Running Techniques

Running is the best form of exercise that can improve your health. It helps you to lose weight, boost your mental health, and improve your mood. The best thing is running is accessible to everyone. It would be very helpful if you had a suitable pair of shoes and motivation for running. Here are the best beginner running techniques for 2021.

1-How to Start Running

A slow start is important for beginners. Otherwise, they increase their risk of injury. John Henwood says, “Beginner should start with a walk and then start running.” Henwood also recommends that beginners should run three days a week and then improve their performance slowly.” If you want to remain accountable, you should run with a friend or running group. You can use a fitness tracker which motivates you and push you into the game.

2- Proper Running Form

Proper running form is everything for a runner. Proper form can improve your running ability and reduce your risk of injury. Here are the key tips for proper running form.
• Hands should be gently curved.
• Keep your footballs flat.
• Torso should be upright.
• Elbows should be at a 90degree angle.

3- Choose the Right Running Gear

Right running gear is important to keep a runner injury-free and comfortable. This includes:
Shoes: Features of the right running shoes such as arch height, cushioning, and weight of shoes is important for a runner. Flat arches people prefer low heel shoes for support.
Clothes: Choose running clothes according to weather conditions. For hot weather, wear fabrics are important. Layering clothes are crucial for cold weather. For night running, choose reflective clothes. During rain, wear water-resistant clothes.
Sports Bras: The best Sports bra is very important to keep breasts in place.

4- Warm-up Your Muscles Before Running

Pre-run warm-up is essential before running. It will improve your mobility and help muscles to move effectively. Pre-run warm-up is important for:
• Butt kicks
• Straight leg kicks
• Lateral lungs

5- Never Run Every day

If you start as a beginner, you should never run daily. You should take one to two rest days a week. Why are resting days important for the beginner? The reasons for the following signs:
• Muscles feel weaker
• Feelings of constant tiredness
• Muscle soreness that remains for 72 hours
• Swelling in muscles or joints

6- What to Eat Before Running

All types of exercise require energy, which comes out after digesting. To give your best during running, eat simple carbs a few hours beforehand. Don’t eat fatty food because fatty food does not digest quickly and can cause cramps, gas, and bloating during a run. Here is a sample of what to eat before a run:
• Fruits
• A smoothie
• Toast with jam

7- What to Eat After Running

As a beginner, you should eat carbohydrates and protein after a run. Carbohydrates improve depleted energy level, and protein boost your muscles. Here are samples of what to eat after a run:
• Use fruit and boiled egg
• Brown rice with chicken
You should drink plenty of water after running because Dehydration can cause dizziness, headache, and muscle cramps.

8- How to Prevent Dehydration

If you are sweating during a run, you should drink water every 15 minutes. After running, you should drink plenty of water to prevent Dehydration. Electrolytes are crucial for keeping the fluid balance within the body. Here is the list of electrolyte-rich drinks:
• Coconut water
• Fruit juice
• Sports drinks but minimal added sugar are important


    Running is an accessible form for almost everyone. For running or jogging, it is important to focus on proper running form, attire, and pre-post routine to avoid the risk of injury. As a beginner, start slowly and gradually. Running helps you to achieve accomplishment and boost heart health. Above-mentioned, all the techniques are essential for the beginner.

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    #shikevirtualrun #virtualrun #5Krun #10Krun #runwithpurpose #justrun #malaysiarunner #virtualrunclub #malaysiavirtualrun 

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