Common Trail Running Injuries

Common Trail Running Injuries

The International Trail Running Association states that trail running is the kind of sport that takes place on uneven and raw surfaces, including sand, mountains, dirt, and jungles, with only 20% of it happening on the concrete surface. The raw and uneven inclines, surfaces, and terrains make one vulnerable to an injury.

You Have a Sprain

Sprains are some of the most common trail running injuries. Most of the ankle sprains take place on the external ankle when the individual crashes on the affected side on uneven terrain. What's more, there is a high reoccurrence rate of an ankle sprain. That is why initial care and rehabilitation become super important.

You Have Runner’s Knee

Runner’s Knee, also referred to as patellofemoral pain, is associated with knee cap-related pain and is considered a common running injury. Lifting weight in this condition further aggravates this pain. When the quadriceps muscles experience an imbalance, the knee cap gets pressured and eventually pulled in an uneven direction. Therefore, good rest and recovery become crucial. Don’t do training by above 10% at one time if you want to recover fast.

You Have Pain in The Back

Lower back pain is also one of the common trail running problems, especially for those who have been doing it a long time. This is because the lower back is responsible for bending the body in the backward and forward directions. So, any injury may take place if some sort of a twist may interfere with this motion. As you do running, you may learn a bit forward for propelling yourself in that direction which activates your lower back. The inclines during trail running may destabilize your body's balance, which can result in lower back pain.


You may experience muscle cramps in the form of irritating and painful contractions while you are trail running or just after you finish it. It may usually occur in the body muscle, which crosses over multiple joints in the body. This is exactly the reason why quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves become highly susceptible.

These are some of the common trail injuries that trail running athletes may experience.

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