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Do You Burn More Calories Running or Walking the Same Distance?

We all know that a run of 15 minutes will burn more calories as compared to a walk of the same distance. But what happens when we start considering the distance rather than the time? In other words, what we mean is seeking out the comparison of a one-kilometer walk to a one-kilometer run in terms of the total number of calories burned?

A lot of factors play a role in impacting the total calories burned in both running and walking, which include fitness levels, weight, age, surface, and pace. However, if you begin to compare the burn regarding the same distance, speed comes as the most important factor.

When it comes to theory, running and walking will be burning around the same number of calories each minute. This value is estimated at 8 km/h.
Running comes as a more intense activity. It means it burns more calories at the same time as walking. But, we know that walking is slower than it, which means it will take longer to walk the same distance than it would to run it.

However, running for one kilometer will burn more calories in one minute with a lesser time of being in an active mode. In other terms, walking for one kilometer will mean there will be more minutes of being active, but there will be a lesser number of calories burned in one minute.

It mainly depends on the speed. However, it is considered as a fast pace for walking that only professional athletes can manage well. For average runners, the considerable speed will be 5 to 6 km/h. However, running with a speed of about 8 km/h will be regarded as only a slow jog.

Walkers would burn calories much less at slower speeds as compared to the runners who try to pace it up at high speed. 

As you get to a specific running speed, an increase in the calorie burn each minute is minor. The biggest difference that is present in the number of calories is seen when you compare a 1 km slow walk to a fast run of the same distance.


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