Get the Most from Your Run with These Post-Run Stretches

Get the Most from Your Run with These Post-Run Stretches

When you are done with running, you might want to take some rest. Stretching comes as the best way to flex your body post-running. It is helpful for a variety of range of motion at your body joints, including your flexibility and mobility.

Here are some post-run stretches that will accelerate the progress of your runs.
1. The Calf Stretch
The soleus and gastrocnemius muscles make the calf of the leg. This stretch primarily targets the latter muscle of the calf, which will help you recover fast from running load and make your performance better.

Here’s how you can do it:
a) Bend your right knee and put the right leg forward. Don’t go past the ankle as you bend the knee.
b) Extend your leg and ease the heal towards the ground. This will stretch the left leg.
c) Lean slightly in the forward motion and make a diagonal line starting from your head towards your foot.
d) Repeat the process as you switch the legs

2. The Quad Stretch
The quadriceps make the front of your thigh. To get a full stretch for your upper leg, you need to do this one.
Here’s how you can do it:
a) Lie flat on your belly and bend the right knee.
b) Use your right hand to hold your right foot.
c) Make sure your hip bones stay in contact with the ground, easing your right foot into the corresponding (right) buttock.
d) Switch the sides and repeat the process.

3. The Glute Stretch
As you perform running, your glute muscles work at their optimum levels. The glutes help you move forward as your leg starts moving behind you.
Here’s how you can do it:
a) Lie on the back and bend your knees. Your feet should be present flat on the ground
b) Lift the left leg as your knees keep bending. The lower leg will become parallel to the ground
c) Create a figure four kind shape as you position the right ankle over the left knee
d) Draw the legs into your torso and hold the hands below the left thigh
e) Switch sides and repeat.

These are some stretches that will enhance your performance after running.

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