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Half Marathon Training Plan

For running a half marathon, you can follow the following half marathon training plan:

You can build strength with the help of speed training for preparation. In this plan for training, you can go through a diversity of speed workouts as well as drills which would make you go fast. You will need to practice long and short intervals, hill workouts, fartlek, and tempo runs.

Endurance Training

You will also need to practice endurance training that helps to make your body prepared against a number of races. You will need to go through long as well as short intervals. In the long run, you will be made familiar with certain mental and physical challenges that you may go through in a race. The run will be run at a comfortable pace as well as a progression run.

Recovering and Resting

Recovering from the exercise days is also important. You can utilize the days for running easily depending on how you take the exercise period for helping you recover at the best quality after your training at intense levels. Every training week comes with two recovery runs.

On the rest days, you take some time off to recharge. You can take the day off or try some simple exercises to help you get all fresh up for the plan. It is essential you realize what your body is going under when you progress in the training plan. There will be times when you would need to adjust the training plan for fitting into what you need. It means that there will be times the best run for you will be no run.

Pace Running

You can choose different paces for running, such as mile pace in which you will have to run for about one mile. Another 5K pace is the one run in which you run for around three miles in total. Just like that, there are various runs you may choose for different purposes, such as for running virtual runs.

We hope this article helped you gain an insight into the half marathon training plan with speed training, endurance, resting, and recovering sections.

Gladiator Virtual Run

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