How Running Changes Your Body

How Running Changes Your Body

1. You Will Lose Body Fat

When people want to know what running does for your body, often what they have in mind is losing weight. It’s simple really, weight loss is about the balance between calories in versus calories out. Running is a great way to burn calories. You burn nearly double the number of calories compared with walking. Develop a regular running habit and you will lose weight. There is a warning. Running makes you hungry. If you’re running to lose weight, make sure you combine running with a healthy eating plan. Strength building exercises and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) will boost your metabolism & do wonders for your running.

2. Your Thighs Will Become Toned
Running gives your legs a terrific workout. Run regularly and your thigh fat will be history. This is a downside. To be fair, it’s a downside to losing weight full stop. Most women (and men) will lose weight off their chest when they take up running.

3. You, Will, Develop Strong Calf Muscles
Running will build your calf muscles giving you toned legs. This is another downside of losing weight. If you’re running intensely, the muscles you’re not using will slim down. That means no more arm muscles. There is a way to prevent arm fat. Combine running with yoga or any other weight-bearing exercise that gives your arms a good workout.

4. You’ll Sleep Better
Physical exercise increases the amount of time in deep sleep and can help with insomnia. The only proviso is to avoid intense activity in the hours before bedtime. Run earlier in the day and feel the benefits when it’s time to get some sleep. Sleep soundly and wake up fresh.

5. You’ll Feel Terrific
Running just makes you feel great. It gives you energy, builds confidence, and makes you more outgoing. However, when it comes to “How running changes your body” it’s about more than just the physical side. It’s a wonderful way of making friends and you’ll see yourself having your journey towards becoming a fitter, healthier person. Being able to move better, run to catch a bus, get the maximum use out of your body, just makes you feel terrific.

6. You’ll Stop Overthinking Everything
The runner’s high isn’t a myth. Running releases endorphins creating a natural high. This way you get to feel good without any side effects. It could be the endorphins or just the benefits of exercise, but running creates positive outlooks, helps you stop overthinking. Life’s just better when you’re running regularly.

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