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How to Run Better?

Running is the first sport you participate in as a child, playing with your peers. Everyone learns to run naturally. Every runner has a reason for running, which could either be fitness enthusiasm, weight loss, fun activity with mates, or a craze for the marathon. Regardless of the purpose, your running should be flawless. Here are a few tips on how to run better:

Gird Your Loins

Learn how to run first? Sounds weird! Is there any need to learn to run? Yes, there is. Learn how to acquire a proper form and posture for running. Poor form is the leading cause of injuries that may not appear on the spot but may niggle later. Fitness experts recommend considering these things.

1. Upper Body Position

Instead of looking at your feet while running, look at about 10 to 20 feet ahead to avoid headlong falling. Keep your head straight with ears right above your shoulders. The overhung head stresses out your neck and shoulder muscles. Keep your back erect. Your shoulders should neither be shrugged nor rounded. Extend your chest occasionally and take deep breaths to counter tiredness. Breathe deeply while running to replenish your oxygen intake. It will delay your exhaustion point too.

2. Arm Position

Crossing your arms at chest level increases fatigue. Keep your hands at your waist level, slightly above the hips. You can bend your arms at a 90-degree angle. Tightening your arms or clenching your hands increases stress on the shoulders and neck. Swing your arms back and forth from the joint of the shoulder and not from the elbow.

3. Perfect Your Gait

Getting bounced while running indicates that you are receiving shocks from the ground and are exhausting yourself unnecessarily. Take light and short steps. You can assess your running form, analyze your Z angle. Ask your buddy to make your video from the side while running. Pause it when your back foot is about to leave the ground. Now observe your front leg. The angle made by the hip joint and that formed by the ankle joint should be equal as in the letter Z. Unequal angles are a red flag for the potential injury.

4. Equip Yourself

Getting comfy footwear improves your running. Make sure that your shoes fit well and support the arches on your foot. Don't forget socks. Your socks should be soft, nylon-free, and breathable.

5. Five Phrases for Healthy Living

Most importantly, adopt a healthy lifestyle. Make phrases the focal point of your routine. Eat healthily, hydrate yourself, sleep well, avoid overexertion, and manage stress.


How to run better! Consider making some variations in your running form and hit the ground running. 

London Virtual Run

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