How to run faster?

How to run faster?

Are you a beginner in the field of running? Do you want to run faster than ever before? If yes, then read, understand, and follow this article thoroughly.

Most people think that running only needs one workout and that is "Running." I also used to think that you have to run more to run fast, but this is not so true. These people think that they have to run more and more to increase their stamina and energy level. Thus they will be capable of running faster than before.

To run faster, you have to do speed training more than fitness training. Because fitness is important but not much to increase the speed. I present you with everything you should know if you want to run fast as a beginner:

  • Start with firm determination
  • Don't be impatient
  • Other activities
  • Proper exercise

Start with firm determination

In the very beginning, you have to have firm determination. The determination that will take you from a beginner to an expert in running. You have to make your mind that you will never quit even in tough circumstances. You will have to make your goal before starting running because making a goal is a very important step for anyone going to do a new thing. For example, if you want to run fast, you should know what speed you want from yourself. This goal-making and firm determination will be so much helpful for anyone who want to run faster.

Don't be impatient

According to research, in a 1600 m race, most runners run faster in the first 400m, their stamina becomes low. But, they should run slow but steadily at the start, and then they should speed up in the last 400 m to win the race.  Normally when anyone starts a new work, he does it with his full strength. Even some people become impatient and start running more than their stamina. Increasing speed as a runner is a time taking process. It will take its time, but this eagerness and hunger to become a fast runner can harm you in these ways:

  • It can affect your muscles badly. So, You can face some muscle problems like cramps and pull of muscles.
  • If your weight is more than what you need, then you may hurt your joints along with your bones and muscles. The average weight of a 6 feet tall runner should be around 176 lbs (80kg).
  • In the beginning, overrunning can exhaust you, and you may get unconscious while running. It will affect badly to your health and your body.

Other activities

When you are running, you should not only stick with running. You should do some co-curricular activities. Those activities will be best that can help you to improve your speed as  a runner like:

  • Play some sports which you like, for example, football, etc.
  • Biking or cycling needs some focus and some skill. So, it will help you a lot.
  • Hiking is one of the most energy-taking activities. So, go and do some exercise!
  • Swimming will increase your stamina.

Proper exercise

You should have a list of all exercises that you have to do. Choose some most helpful exercises, or you can also appoint a trainer for this purpose. Consistency is also a very important thing. You have to the same exercise properly for the same time every day. If you do one exercise one day and another exercise another day, you will not get the best result. You have to do every exercise every day to run fast as early as possible. You can decrease the time of every exercise but do proper exercise with consistency.


So, you should follow those instructions that are described above. Because these pro tips and instructions will lead you to an expert fast runner. You have to do everything consistently to gain success in your desired time. You have two options: one is to decide and fulfill it, and option two is that you should not make a decision or determination if you can't fulfill it. This rule is very important for your success because if you are going to run or run fast, then it means that you are willing to do that. But make sure that this determination does not get diminished.

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