How to Run in the Rain

Nobody looks out the window on a drizzly day and thinks, “Looks like a great day for a run!” But there are real perks to getting outside no matter the weather. A run in the rain can lift your spirits and boost your self-assurance. Plus, running in the rain means you’ll be prepared if a storm cloud suddenly appears overhead come race day.

Still, you can’t just head out for a rainy run in the same nonchalant way you would on a sunny day. There are a few steps to take before, during and after your soggy run to prepare yourself for the conditions:

  • Gear up for rain: A shell, socks and quick-drying fabrics can make a difference.
  • Plan with the forecast in mind: Check the weather and take time to warm up.
  • Watch out for rainy-day hazards: Beware of puddles, lightning and low-light conditions.
  • Cool down and recover: Change out of your wet clothes and dry yourself and your gear.

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