How to run longer?

How to run longer?

Are you a runner? Do you want to run longer and you can’t? If yes, hang up with me because I will guide you properly by which you can run as long as you want. The long run is very important for every runner, whether he is a newbie or an expert.

To run longer, you need to improve your stamina. And to improve stamina, you have to work hard but smart. It means that you do not only need to run, run and run; you have to do your hard work in a discipline. So that you can improve your running time.

How long is a long run?

When you want to run longer, or you want to run a long run, then firstly, you should know that how long is a long run? This is one of the most frequently asked questions about the long run. Actually, running time depends on the runner’s stamina and capacity. But in general, a beginner’s long run is 2-4 miles a run. This is the run that any beginner should run without any break.
Here is everything you should know if you want to run longer than ever before:

  • Pace
  • Increase your time slowly
  • Follow the rule
  • Workout



At the very beginning of long-running, you need to know that “fast running” and “long-running” are two different terms. If you want to run longer without taking any break, then you have to decrease your speed. If you say, “ No man, I am a pro-runner, I can run fast and long simultaneously,” then I will say that you can test it. Because when you try to run faster, you will immediately get out of breath. At that moment, you have to take a break to take a breath. So, you have to lessen your pace/speed to run longer.


Increase your time slowly

It is a very big factor in the long run. When you want to increase your running time, you can’t do it in a day or two. You cannot be impatient in this case. You have to gradually increase the running time in a suitable order. If you don’t increase your running time in suitable order and interval of time, you will face a few body and health problems like:

  • Undisciplined running can cause cramps and pulls of muscles.
  • Immediate pressure on the legs can harm them.
  • Instant change in running time can also decrease your stamina and energy level, directly or indirectly decreasing your running time.


Follow the rule

Now, you know that you have to be patient in this case. But as a beginner, you might do not know what will be to increase the running time. Most specialists suggest that a beginner should increase his running time by 20-30 percent. He should also take care of the time he has to elevate his running time every week. If this time interval or order disturbs, the result also gets disturbed.



Work out is something that will help a runner for sure. The runner should also have to do some workouts other than running. The workout will strengthen the muscles of a runner and also improve his stamina and energy levels. These workouts can be in the form of gyming or any other activity that can help a runner to run longer. A runner who does not know which exercise or activity will be best for him can also hire a fitness trainer. The fitness trainer will help him in working out and choosing the right interval and order of increasing running time.



You have to do some hard work but in the right direction. So that you can run for a long time without taking any break to a race like a marathon. To run longer than before, you also should run with planning, especially in a long race. Because if you run faster at the start of the race, you will immediately get exhausted. Maybe you could not even complete the race due to unconsciousness. So, the best way is to run slowly throughout the race and run faster in the end (if needed). Now, you are ready to run longer.

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