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How To Warm Up for A Run

We have all been told at some point in our life the benefits of running. There are many benefits to running, of course, there is the obvious benefit of it being a part of our daily exercise, but it also helps clear your head, reduce stress and much more.

It is important to remember, however, that running is a form of exercise, and while it may seem easy, you still need to warm up before your run. The warm-up will not only reduce the chances of injuries, but it will also make your run a smooth affair.

Why Do You Need to Warm Up?

When you start running from rest without warming up, your heart is put under a lot of stress as it needs to rapidly adjust to the change in requirements for blood and oxygen. Starting your run with a warm-up eases your heart into a more active state. It also increases the oxygen supply to your muscles and increases your body temperature. These factors combine to provide your muscles with efficiency and flexibility, reducing the chances of an injury.

How to Warm Up Before a Run

There are multiple methods you can use to warm up before a run. The goal is to ease your body into the run and to reduce the chances of an injury. Your warm-up should last between 5 to 10 minutes, and you can warm up for longer if you wish.

All your stretches should be dynamic, not static. Some dynamic stretches you can perform are walking lunges,  hip openers, and jumping jacks.

You can also do light aerobic exercises to warm up your body. Some examples are cycling in place, a brisk walk, or a slow jog.

Once you start running, it is best to start at a slow jog and gradually increase your speed. Don't push yourself too hard, and your breathing should not be strained. Remember to keep your form and posture in mind when running and enjoy.


To ensure that you get the maximum benefit from running, warming up is necessary. Warming up reduces the strain on your heart, increases your muscle flexibility, and reduces fatigue and chances of injury.


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