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Jogging Tips For Beginners

Who doesn't want to stay fit these days? Almost Everyone. In the current times of fast pace lifestyles and stress-loaded routines, a good workout doesn't hurt. Also, if we talk about the best workouts, running and jogging tops all the workouts, the reason being the cardiovascular activity that keeps the whole body muscles in functionality and the mind at peace side by side. A person who indulges in jogging once is never likely to quit at it. But starting is the key, and to start, we have a number of tips that will keep you consistent at it while keeping your body relaxed and adjusted.

1. Short Intervals

If you are a beginner, start with brisk walks incorporated with short jogs. Increase the jogging time by one minute per day and watch your body get used to it smoothly. Do not overdo a jog because it then makes you take a break for a few days. Make steady and smooth progress.

2. Short Steps

While starting, take short steps and keep your arm movements steady. You don’t want to work yourself out on the first few days. Also, short steps keep your knees at a low distance that prevents them from getting worn out.

3. Pre and Post Workout Meals

Refrain from eating anything before 2 hours of your jogging session, and always eat a protein-filled meal an hour after your workout. Running on a smooth stomach lets your body relax, burn more calories and stay active for a longer period of time.

4. Running Surface

Always choose the running surface wisely because your knee health largely depends on that. A sand-paved ground, jogging track, and a kneaded ground would be the perfect options. Running on hard surfaces can get you tired pretty quickly, and it can also make your knee joints stiff and cramped up.

5. Stay Hydrated

Hydration is very important when it comes to working out. No matter what the workout, keep a water bottle with you and take mini sips in between just enough to keep your throat from getting dry. Also, stay hydrated the whole day before and after your workout.

Happy Jogging!

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