Marathon Man: Sean completes 30 marathons in 30 days

Marathon Man: Sean completes 30 marathons in 30 days

Running is one of the best exercises to keep oneself fit and active. Researches have proved the fact that it might even help you to relax and get rid of anxiety, depression, and thinking along with the added advantage of stamina and endurance.

However, for some people, running is the passion of their lives and they are freaks of nature when it comes to running for a long time.

Sean o Hara from Dublin, Ireland is a freak for sure.
This hunk of a man completed an unbelievable feat of running 30 marathons in 30 days. Yes, You read that right.

As we know, a lot of people start a trend in November and name it Movember and they stop shaving off their mustache to raise some money for charity.

That idea was way too vague for Sean O Hara. The lad did what nobody before him even dared to think about or do.
He raised 26,000 Euros over 30 days by running for 30 marathons continuously in November or we should rename it for him as Rovember we think.

The main idea behind the Movember trend is to raise awareness about the different health issues that are faced by men and they feel embarrassed or afraid to talk about it.

The list includes,

  • Testicular cancer
  • Mental health Issues
  • Prostate cancer

Not so long ago, Sean o Hara was suffering from mental health issues in his life as well and he felt as if he had lost the purpose of his life. But, due to the support and care that was given to him by the people around him, he says that this helped and motivated him to keep going and he took it as a chance to pay back to the community that gave him a lot.

Sean believes that more than being physically challenged, at times he feels as if it's harder for him to prepare himself mentally for the next run.

However, he doesn't plan to give up anytime soon and wishes to keep going on and helping the community as much as he can. He is a beast when it comes to running but has a heart and soul of gold.


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