Marathon Running Training Plan

Marathon Running Training Plan

1-How Long Should You Train for a Marathon Running?

If you search on Google about a marathon running plan, you will get plenty of options for this plan. It means that you are not alone; there are several better options are present than others. Beginners are always asked about the duration of a training plan; how long you should train depends on your passion, health, fitness, and experience level. Generally, you should train for a marathon running for about 12 to 20 weeks.

2-Which Race You Should Choose to Train for Marathon?

Which race you should choose to train for a marathon depends on few factors, including your location, timing, budget, ability to travel, and your final goal. If you are a beginner, you should choose a local race and train on roads that you will cover on running day and avoid the interruption of travel before and after the race. For more advanced levels, you should check out the Runner's World Marathon Calendar organized every month.

3-What Should you do if you Miss some Marathon Training Plan Due to Injury?

There are a few runners who will get the whole marathon training plan without missing few weeks. But most of the people miss the training schedule due to illness or injury. If you have missed more than four or five weeks due to some issues such as injury, the best advice is that you should postpone your marathon running. After the injury, you should spend a few weeks recovering your training volume and use the previous weeks as a training plan.

4-What Should You Do if Training Plan too Difficult?

A Marathon training plan is not so easy as you expect. It needs a lot of dedication to stick to your plan. Sometimes, this plan becomes too hard, and you feel that your training is impossible. If your training feels too difficult, focus on some factors such as good pain, bad pain, rest days, and your mindset. Are you feel aching muscles? Are you taking some time to recover from the efforts? For this, you should manage your pain and mindset.

5-What Should You Eat During Marathon Training?

The essential thing during marathon training is your proper nutrition. Proper nutrition is essential because it is fuel for your runs and your muscle recovery. Carbohydrates are important for your body to provide enough energy to complete your race. Good options are oatmeal, banana, a honey packet, and a white bagel or combinations of these items, depending on how long your workout.

You should eat 30 grams of carbohydrates after 40 to 50 minutes because carbohydrates prevent your body from dehydration and help in faster recovery of your muscle strength.

6-What Shoes You Should Choose for Marathon?

Your shoe selection is very important for marathon training. If your shoes are not comfortable, your training and your marathon will be great. Demands are different for different persons, so it is important that you choose those shoes that fit you properly and you feel comfortable with them. Most of the runners use shoes with narrow feet.

7- What Should You Wear during Race?

What should you wear during the race? It depends on the time of your race and the weather condition. If your race starts in the morning, it may be good early but warm up with the time. If your race starts during the rainy time, you should wear waterproof items, so it is a good idea. Don't consider certain fabrics during the race. Choose a light and comfortable dressing during training and race.

8- How Should You Recover after a Marathon?

After a marathon, you should take better sleep and avoid the stairs. Doing yoga and walking around will help your recovery after the race and flush lactic acid from your muscles.

Final Words?

If you follow all the above marathon running plans, you will achieve your goal and conquer the world. Follow these steps and remain dedicated to your achievement.

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