Nurse completes half-marathon for hospital charity

Nurse completes half-marathon for hospital charity

Charity is one of the best ways to give something back to society and the less privileged people. When you are already doing a job that involves helping young kids fight different diseases, you are already doing a great job but the cherry is put on top of the cake when apart from your pious job, you go that extra mile to raise some money for hospital charity as well.

Emily Webb is the star that needs to be mentioned. A child nurse by profession, she has a heart of gold. She along with her father completed a half-marathon to raise almost 650 pounds for charity purposes.

She did it in quite a good time too and took around an hour and 45 mins, However, her father was a minute faster than her. ( After all, Dads are dads right?)

The event of Cambridge half-marathon was held to support the visionary steps taken by West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust. The 641 pounds that were raised by the run helped to provide a play specialist for the kids in the emergency department of Emily's Hospital.

The duo of Emily and her father gave all the money that was raised to a foundation that helps the kids' stay at the hospital much better. They organize different activities that help kids to stay positive and active amidst the treatment.

Emily was very happy with the outcome of the run and said “It was a great running track and she also felt awestruck by the beauty of Cambridge " She also talked about the role that her dad played and said that his presence at marathons before helped her a lot to prepare for the half marathon and she also shed some light on how she got into running due to the lockdown that was imposed during the covid outbreak.

The organizer of the half marathon was also very happy and she felt very pleased to help out kids and she hoped to arrange more such events shortly. All in all, we all should take our hats off for the great courage and heart shown by the duo of father and daughter.


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