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Recognizing the Signs and Symptoms of Overtraining

Fitness has a lot to do with exercise and workouts, along with other factors like food intake and calorie counting. When it comes to exercising, specifically training to build muscles and gain mass, you can easily get motivated with the results and overtrain unintentionally and end up in a bad state. Now give your body enough time to heal and recover in between workouts or doing cross-training workouts with no intervals whatsoever; in short, you have worn your body out. 7 out of 10 people don't know what overtraining is and how not giving their body a rest can ruin their long-term goal and, of course, their health. Moreover, when you overtrain, the body stops making progress and starts giving you red signs that often look like this.


1. Unusual Muscle Soreness

Muscle cramps after a few days of working out? Sure, but if they last longer than they are supposed to, the muscles might be stiff because you didn’t allow them to recover in between workouts.


2. Loss of Appetite

Working out has a lot to do with pre and post-workout meals, and when your body starts denying that, you should know that your body is undernutrition and not getting enough energy to train.


3. Weight Gain

When you are training so hard but gaining weight instead of losing it, that's when you know you have done your body workout more than its capacity, and you're overtraining.


4. Loss of Motivation

Slow and steady progress in workouts builds your motivation levels day by day, but if you increase your workouts by huge intervals every day, it gets hard to cope up, and you lose the motivation or the will to train every day. Keep your workouts short and easy; that's how your body stays consistent.


5. Fatigue

A good workout freshens you up and prepares you for the whole day as it refills your energy levels. But when the workout drains you out, you feel unusually weak and tired, dehydrated and lazy; that's when you need to give your body a break.


All in all, take baby steps and add gradual workouts. Give your body a break!


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