Robbie Britton's 5 tips to becoming a better runner

Robbie Britton's 5 tips to becoming a better runner

A lot of people run to get themselves fitter, however, if you run without a specific technique and proper guidance, you might land yourself in a lot of trouble and get injured easily.

This is why, before you put your running shoes on and hit the track, you should be aware of all the basics that will help you to become a better runner.

Running is not an ideal thing for the human body. Our body is not made to run for longer periods. This is why if you do not run properly, you might get injured and strain a muscle or two.

This is where Robbie Britton's book named 1,001 Running Tips might come to the rescue.

Although there are chapters that are solely dedicated to helping beginners with running, there are several reviews of experienced runners as well who have said that they enjoyed the book a lot and learned a lot about running from this 20 Pounds book.

Robbie Britton is a household name in the ultrarunning field. He achieved a lot in ultrarunning and was always known for his sound running technique.

He believes that he wasn't perhaps as talented as some of the other runners that he competed against and hence he knows how it is like to not be good enough and that really motivated him to gain as much knowledge as possible and now he has shared that wealth of knowledge with the world in the form of this book.

Some of his best tips are:

● Train Time Not Distance

He believes that it's important to keep a track of your training by time and not by distance. Let's suppose you are running one mile uphill, it's surely going to take a lot out of you than to run one mile in a straight line.


● Trust The Process

He asks the runners to stay positive and always look at the bright side of things. You are going to go through the route of success slowly and that's why you should trust the process.


● FootWear

The footwear that you use is very important and you should always look out for shoes that are comfortable and durable as well. This will help you to stay fit and become a better runner.

These were some of the best tips by Robbie that you can follow to become a better runner.


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