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Running When Overweight

All bodies, no matter how fat or thin, are capable of running. The thoughts of being too overweight to run may cross your mind, but the truth is, YES, you can run no matter what body type you are. It all comes down to practice and taking baby steps towards the goal you want to meet. Countless articles may sell you on the idea of buying the perfect gear or consuming certain food all to run better. The truth is, in order to run, all you need is the will and determination to run and, of course, a little comfort. 


1. Comfort

The first step is to wear something comfortable. Aching and swollen feet due to the wrong choice of footwear isn’t really a great way to start. It is better to run in shoes that have soft and comfortable soles. 

The next thing to check is the clothes. You don't want to run in something which is extremely tight and doesn't allow you to move freely. Opt for something which seems flexible and breathable. 


2. Warm-ups

Warm-ups are a good way to minimize injury. Suggested warm-ups are:

  1. Stretching
  2. Jogging
  3. Brisk walking


3. Building Up Stamina

Instead of starting with an hour-long run, it is better to start slowly and then build up the pace according to what seems fit. Engage yourself in a 10–15-minute run. Stick to it for some days and then build it up to the goal you wished to achieve.


4. Plugin Your Earphones

To enjoy the run, listen to music or tune in to your favorite podcast.


5. Rest Days

As many have heard, "excess of everything is bad." It is also true for running. Give your body time to relax by taking a day or two off and run 4 or 5 times a week. 


Final Word

The key to success and getting the results you need is consistency. You have to stick to a plan in order to make it work. It may seem difficult at first, but nothing is better than working hard for a goal and seeing it come true. 


London Virtual Run

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