Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon

COVID-19 has had an impact on almost all walks of life across the world. But, with the vaccination process getting faster and much more effective, most of the world is functioning normally once again.

For almost two years, most of the events that involved a lot of people were halted and people were craving for such events to take place.

The impact of covid was so much that even the Olympics had to be rescheduled.

Just like most world events, the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon also did not take place for two years.

This was a well-celebrated event in Singapore and almost fifty thousand people used to participate in this mega event.

As the world is settling down with new normal, this festival also came back to life and on the 4th of December, Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon came back to life with one thousand runners participating in the Ekiden event of this marquee event.

However, they weren't the only 1000 to participate in the race. As a total, there were around four thousand runners that were planned to participate in different events across four different sessions.

Although the passion and enthusiasm among the runners were just like the years of the past, several different rules were put in place and that were required to take care of for the runners.


Some of the rules put in place as safety measures were :

  • The runners were put in different groups and they were flagged at several intervals.
  • All the participants had to undergo a rapid antigen test to participate in the marathon.
  • The mask was a compulsion before the starting of the marathon as well as after the runners crossed the finishing line.
  • The runners weren't allowed to carry a backpack.

All in all, it was a great event and there were people of all age groups present and they enjoyed it a lot.

There were families out there as well who had a blast of a time and they were very happy on resumption of such activities again in Singapore and they hoped for such activities to continue in near future as well.


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