Tips for Running In Rain

Tips for Running In Rain

Have you ever gone out for your usual running routine and seen the rain pouring outside? If yes, then we know how you felt at that time. Running in the rain is terrible, and we understand that. From discomfort to some dangers, there are a lot of interruptions. However, what if we tell you that you can make your experience a little bearable with the help of a few tips? Yes… you heard that right! There are a lot of techniques that can make running in the rain manageable, comfortable, and entirely safe for you. If you want to know what those secret and useful tips are, Keep Reading!

1. Dress Accordingly
Always make sure not to overdress if you are planning to run in the rain. Wear light clothes, preferably a full sleeve shirt and some comfy shorts. Too many clothes will make you feel heavy and uncomfortable when they get wet. Also, avoid wearing cotton socks; they tend to absorb water while leaving you all soaked and dreadful.

2. Baseball Cap!
Baseball caps are your best friends while running in the rain or even generally walking in the rain. They keep the rain away from your face, which means the water would not make you go blind. Also, it will prevent your hair from getting totally drenched. However, make sure to wear a fitted cap so that it does not fly away while you are running!

3. Right Shoes
Rain will make you slip, so you can not just wear any type of shoes you find. You need to wear that have good traction, are gripping, and have deep grooves to let the water pass through them!

4. Don’t Run in Thunderstorms and Lightning!
No matter how much we want you to enjoy running in the rain, we would still suggest you stay home during lightning and thunderstorms – that is not safe! Instead, try fulfilling your urge by staying indoors and running on a treadmill!

Final Words
Running in the rain is usually dreadful, but if you follow our tips, we promise you can make the experience a little pleasant. Happy Running!

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