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What Not To Do After A Workout

Running means you have to train your body to the fullest. But that requires great planning and careful avoidance of mistakes.

Don’t “Treat” Yourself

While you may think it is absolutely nothing bad in treating yourself with a large, high-calorie meal, it is important you realize that it will only do worse. You might have a stomach upset, or worse; you might get vomiting, nausea, or gain weight. All of these signs can greatly disturb your run, which results in a loss of self-confidence. What's more, all the progress you have made in your training session will go down the drain when your health gets affected. If you want to run, it is best to stick to a healthy, well-balanced diet.

Don’t Ignore your Cramps

Getting all hard on yourself feels good if you are high on motivation. You might think if you give your body some real-time wear and tear, you will perform excellently in Marathon, for example. However, the truth is that this will cost you later. Like all other cells in the body, our muscles need time to regenerate and heal. This is especially important with workouts as, during the process, our system keeps building more muscles in the body, and old muscles are bound to tear down to make way for stronger and bigger muscles. If you don't give yourself time to recover, it might lead to serious injury to the new muscles.

Don’t Go for A Massage

Be it a simple run or a marathon, whatever it is that you are training for; it is important to realize that you don’t have to go for a massage after your training workout. This is because after a hard workout, your muscles are going through a process of wear and tear, and external force coming from a massage can seriously harm those muscles. It is best you choose to go for a massage after your muscles have recovered.

These were some of the things you shouldn’t be doing after a workout, especially if you are training for marathon.

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