What Your Heart Rate Is Telling You About Your Running

What Your Heart Rate Is Telling You About Your Running

Running is one of the most popular forms of training and a lot of people include it in their daily life to live a fit and healthy life.
If you are a runner and want to know about how you are progressing as a runner, the best indicator for that could be your heart rate.

The Resting Heart Rate

Resting heart rate is one of the first major indicators that runners may use. As the name suggests, This is the rate of beating of the human heart when they are at rest. The interesting thing about this statistic is that the more fitter you get and more enduring you get as a runner, your resting heart rate will gradually start to lower down.

Elite runners of the highest class have a resting heart rate of around 40 - 50 beats per minute. However, a normal daily life runner may have a resting heartbeat of anything around 60-100. This shows that the more you run and get fitter, the lower your heartbeat per minute will become.

Max Heart Beat

Running a lot regularly helps to lower your heartbeat when you are at rest but that isn't the case when an athlete is running.
Heartbeat increases exponentially when you are running and that is quite obvious.

The reason behind this increase in a heartbeat is the stress that you are putting on different organs of your body and how the heart needs to supply blood quickly to all the parts and due to this fast working of the heart, the heartbeat increases.

While working out, the heartbeat may even increase up to around 180-200 BPM.

Some Precautions

● If you feel shortness of breath while running, you should consult a doctor.
● You should always listen to your body and act accordingly.
● Do not ignore anomalies in your heartbeat rate.

All in all, running is one of the best ways to keep you fit. You can keep a track of your progress by keeping an eye on your heartbeat rate. Moreover, you should never overdo it and always consult a doctor if you feel that something is not right.


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